Lost Tribe Film grew out of the original Lost Tribe Productions, a production company set up in 2006 to make original, story-driven, commercial films for both the UK and international markets.

Our first feature film was The Disappeared. Completed in 2008, it was released in the UK at Fright Fest later that year, and has gone on to win a number of awards.

As well as producing our own films, we co-produce and provide financing for the right projects. including 2012 romantic thriller Comes A Bright Day starring Craig Roberts, Imogen Poots, Kevin McKidd and Timothy Spall.



DR RX. (2015)

(Original title All About The Dollar.)

When a 23-year-old unemployed college graduate spends his days illegally selling prescription pills in his local town to pay off his loans, he is trapped further and further in a scheme run by a local, reputable doctor with seemingly no way out. When is it finally enough?

Director: Karan Chhatwal

Writers: Karan ChhatwalCody McAvey

Stars: Rupert SimonianMitch GreenbergAndrew Beadle



Matthew Ryan is returning home to his London council estate after months spent in a psychiatric unit following the disappearance of his little brother, Tom. Matthew's father had left him to look after Tom and he’s still racked by feelings of guilt. He studies a recorded news reconstruction of the abduction and hears his brother’s voice calling out to him for help. Not knowing what is real or imagined, he fears he is losing his mind. Ignored by his alcoholic father, Matthew visits a clairvoyant who reveals an ancient curse and a disturbing history of missing children in the area. While he desperately struggles to put the pieces together and find out who, or what, is taking the children, the hauntings and abductions escalate. As Matthew races closer to the chilling truth, he finds himself entering a dark world from which there is no going back

The Disappeared was THE film of FrightFest 08, a satisfying experience of sharp and honest dysfunctional dynamics, clammy-palm scares, occult secrets, brooding emotions and environments, escalating into a subterranean fight for life and justice for those beyond physical help. 

The Quiet Earth



Festival Mauvais Genre Festival Young Jury Prize

Eerie Horror Fest Best Feature Film

WorldFest Gold Remi Award



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Comes A Bright Day is an offbeat, blackly comic, coming-of age love-story set during the armed robbery of one of London's most exclusive jewellers. Two hostages flung together by circumstance discover their true feelings for one another. Sometimes funny, often dark, always captivating and never what you expect.





A man, beaten and left for dead, wakes to receive strange messages that his wife has been kidnapped. He has a day to save her. On his journey to find his wife, he begins to experience things that disturb him. Are they hallucinations, is he losing control? His mind is slowly falling apart as he starts to untangle the dark disturbing truth.

Director: Johnny Kevorkian

Writer: Johnny Kevorkian

Stars: Damian O'HareAlexia ParaskevaEliza Patsalidou


He was formerly known as 'The Mangler', a once middleweight champion in the boxing circuit until that fateful night at The Golden Peaks Hotel where he took the blow of his life more fearsome than any he had taken in the ring. Murray Simkins wife has been taken from him, never to be returned again.

Director: Johnny Kevorkian

Writer: Greg Bower

Stars: Lorna Elwyn JonesSean O'NeilDoreen Weaver

THE WAKE (1997)

Director:  Johnny Kevorkian

Writer: Johnny Kevorkian

Stars: Mark LeadbetterMartin Malone